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      Shop colourful patterned cushions from leopard print to pastels in gorgeous patterns and colours.

      Pink Leopard print, Yellow Leopard Print, 70s inspired throw cushions and neutral boho cushions. 

      All cushions come in sizes 30, 40, 50 and 60cm 

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      Cassette tape cushions

      Our customers love these, giftable oversize pillows of fun!

      "Absolutely love these pillows! So retro and gorgeous! Really good quality as well" S.M

      Cushion FAQs

      We make our cushions when you tell us too! When you order we hand make each one in the U.K before packing them off to be enjoyed by you.

      We don't mass produce our items which means less waste, less resources used storing them and less unsold items ending up in landfill.

      As we make here in the U.K your cushions havent been sat in a warehouse or on a cargo ship for months before it reaches you and we know our workers are paid fairly and treated well. We hope this is as important to you as it is to us.

      Our standard delivery window is 2-3 working days,this excludes weekends, bank holidays and does not cover personalised or handmade items.

      Our manufacturing time for our cushions are as follows;

      Cushion (standard shape) - 3 - 5 working days to dispatch 

      Cushion ( novelty shaped) -Up to 5 working days to dispatch

      Our designs are exclusive and currently we are the only ones who sell these designs.

      We are proud to say we are unique and try hard to bring fun and colour without imitating whats already out there.

      We do not currently sell wholesale to other retailers so the chances are if you see our designs on a website they may have been copied - the sincerest form of flattery.

      Our cushions come in sizes from 3cm up to a massive 60cms!

      Our novelty shaped cushions are measured along the longest side with that being the stated measurement.

      Our standard square cushions are in sq cms in sizes 30, 40, 46, 55 and 60cms.

      Most of our cushions are in a faux suede finish and a few are a heavy canvas.

      Our novelty shaped cushions are with suede or satin finish depending on your choice.