Embrace the Vibrant Delight of Colourful Throws

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Why You need a colourful throw in your life

Step into a world of vibrant delight with an array of colourful throws that breathe life into your living space. Elevate your home's ambiance with exquisite hues and mesmerizing patterns that captivate your senses. These versatile, stylish accessories add warmth, personality, and a touch of luxury to any room. Whether you prefer bold, vibrant colours to make a statement or subtle, calming tones for a relaxed atmosphere, there is a colourful throw to suit every taste and style. From intricate designs to eye-catching geometric patterns, these throws effortlessly transform your living room, bedroom, or even outdoor spaces into a haven of creativity and comfort. Not only do these colourful throws add visual appeal, but they also serve a practical purpose. Snuggle up on a chilly evening, add a pop of colour to your sofa or bed, or simply drape them over your furniture as a stylish accent piece. They reflect your personal style and taste. Embrace the vibrant delight of colourful throws and let them infuse your home with warmth, character, and elegance. Explore the stunning range of hues and patterns available and discover the perfect colourful throw to enhance your living space.

💡 Did you know

Did you know that the world's oldest surviving blanket, the "Textile Fragment," dates back to around 3000 B.C.? Discovered in a burial site in Anatolia (modern-day Turkey), this ancient blanket was made from wool and dyed with natural pigments, showcasing that even thousands of years ago, people loved to add color to their living spaces with textiles. This tradition continues today with the vibrant, colourful throws that can add a splash of personality to any room!

Benefits of using colourful throws in your living space

  • Enhances Visual Appeal : Colourful throws instantly brighten up any room, adding a touch of vibrancy and making your living space more inviting.
  • Versatile Decor : Colourful throws can be easily switched out to match seasonal decor or your evolving style, providing a quick and cost-effective way to update your home.
  • Personalises Your Space : Colourful throws allow you to express your personality and preferences, creating a unique and personalised environment.
  • Layering and Texture : Colourful throws add texture and depth to your decor, creating a layered look that feels both stylish and cozy 
  • Protects Furniture : Draping a colourful throw over your sofa or chair can protect your furniture from wear and tear, extending its lifespan
Colourful leopard print throw by Yililo
Image from yililo.com @fionasfamilyloveandriots 

😍 Our top pick for a colourful throw is our refresher stripe blanket. It's a firm favourite in the colour community and contains beautiful pastel colours from pinks, blues and lilacs with a soft no pill pile. 

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How to choose the right colourful throw for your home decor

1. Match with Existing Colour Scheme :

  • Look at the dominant colors in your room and choose a colourful throw or patterned throw that complements or contrasts nicely with them.

2. Consider the Room’s Purpose :

  • For living rooms, opt for vibrant colours that energise the space.
  • For bedrooms, softer, more relaxing hues might be more appropriate.

3. Think About Patterns and Textures :

  • If your room has a lot of solid colors, a patterned colourful throw can add visual interest.
  • Conversely, if your decor features many patterns, a solid-colored throw can provide a balancing effect.
  • Consider the texture of the throw as well; chunky knits can add warmth, while smooth fabrics can lend a sleek, modern feel.

4. Seasonal Changes :

  • Switching colourful throws seasonally can keep your decor fresh. Bright, airy colors for spring and summer; warm, rich tones for fall and winter.

5. Personal Style :

  • Ultimately, your colourful throw should reflect your personal taste. Choose colours and patterns that you love and that make you happy.

Popular patterns and designs for colourful throws

Floral Prints :

  • Bright, blooming floral patterns bring a fresh, natural feel, perfect for adding a touch of the outdoors to your home.

Animal Prints :

  • Trendy and exotic, animal prints like leopard, zebra, and tiger patterns add a wild flair to your decor.

Plaid and Checks :

  • Classic and cozy, plaid and check patterns are perfect for adding a touch of warmth and tradition to your home.

Bohemian Styles :

  • Eclectic and colourful, bohemian designs often feature a mix of patterns, textures, and vibrant hues, perfect for a relaxed, artistic vibe.

Stripes and Polka dots :

  • Versatile and timeless, stripes can be bold or subtle and fit well in any decor style.
  • Fun and playful, polka dots add a whimsical touch to your living space.
Pink Boho Potion and Magic Blanket
Image from Yililo.com

With lots of designs to choose from we take pride in being able to offer exclusive designs that are both unique and affordable. 


  • Unique designs: You wont find our blankets anywhere else, we are a small company who makes our products to order and as such we operate in a sustainable way.
  • Sustainably made: We are a small company who makes our products to order. There is no waste, no overproduction and our materials are sourced from reputable sources.  
  • Safe Dyes: All of our throws are made with materials that are safe for human exposure. Many dyes and fibres can disrupt the endocrine system. We make our products to UK standards.
  • Cost-Effective: Our throws are priced to be accessible to all, even when you consider the fact they are made to order with unique designs, we work hard to keep prices low.


  • Time to make: If you want a colourful throw in a hurry then we may not be the best fit. We make ours to order, it can take up to 5 days. We advise you order with plently of time to avoid disappointment.  
  • Size: Our colourful throws and blankets only come in a few sizes, they are gorgeous but not for everyone due to this.
  • Eco-Friendliness: Some of our colourful throws are imported from overseas so we can offer a more diverse range. Something we are working on to change! 

With our tips we hope you can now find a colourful throw that suits your home and makes you smile. These beautiful accessories not only add warmth and comfort but also bring a burst of personality and elegance to any room. Whether you prefer bold patterns or subtle hues, there's a colourful throw to suit your style. Discover the perfect colourful throw to enhance your home decor and create a welcoming, stylish environment.