Welcome to our colourful store!

As you may have guessed we love colour, we love fun and we love homeware.

So we put it all together into one big bundle and started Yililo.

Established during 2020 , Bri sat in her home which was 50 shades of beige and felt frustrated.

Its when we confirmed colour can affect your mood.

We strongly believe that your home should be a reflection of your life and how you live and should include everybody. Rooms should be full of colour from the ceiling down, whether pastels are your thing, if brights make you smile or dramatic blacks suit your style, its important you buy what you want and not worry about anyone else. We realised during the pandemic that spending time in your home should be pleasurable and fun and inclusive. We want that to include colour and fun.... and leopard print!

We are a small team of 3;

Amber who deals with our customer service and emails (be kind, she is lovely and so helpful hehe).

Bri, who deals with our social media, collabs and press.

And finally, Lauren who deals with the buying and designs.

We work really hard to bring lots of new designs that we hope you will love and we are so grateful for the love and support that has been shown to us since we started.

We need your feedback to grow and want you to leave feedback when you are happy and let us know when you are not!

Lastly, our pricing... we are working wiht our UK based manufacturers to bring them down and keep them down and its a never ending battle.

We know as a small company we cannot compete as we do not produce thousands of an item outside of the country.

What we can do is bring you exclusive designs, loads of colour and fun (we try not to take life too seriously.

Customer reviews


I love it and it's sooooo soft like silk!

Thank you

France, FR

Rug is great quality, arrived really quickly, wrapped well, great quality. Makes our boring bathroom a bit more exciting!

United Kingdom, U.K

This is just what I was looking for to go in my leafy guest bedroom, loved it so much ordered another quirky one for the opposite wall.

United Kingdom, U.K

Absolutely love these pillows! So retro and gorgeou! Really good quality as well.

United Kingdom, U.K

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Los Angeles, CA

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