Saying Goodbye To The Textured Glass Chopping Board And Hello To The Smooth

Saying Goodbye To The Textured Glass Chopping Board And Hello To The Smooth



Revolutionising Your Kitchen: Yililo’s Smooth Textured Glass Chopping Boards Are Here!”

Hey vibrant souls of the kitchen! We’ve got some sizzling news to spice up your cooking haven – Yililo, your go-to destination for all things colourful in home decor, has just revamped your chopping experience!

From our Orange record player chopping board to our pink smiley one all of our boards have had a major makeover. 

🌈 Say Goodbye to Chinchilla, Hello to Smooth Awesomeness!

Gone are the days of the textured chinchilla surface – we’ve leveled up to the smoothest texture you’ve ever imagined! Our glass chopping boards are now as smooth as your favorite kitchen playlist. Glide through your chopping with ease, and let the vibrant hues on your board take center stage.
✨ So I hear you ask, what are the advantages of the Smooth textured chopping board over textured? Why smooth, you ask? Well, being a colour loving site means we just weren’t in love with the way our designs had to fight with the texture of the boards. Certain designs just simply didn’t look right once paired with the textured surface and the colours could be reflected differently. The smooth surface now means that we have a level playing field and our designs can truly shine.

Apart from the sleek aesthetic, our smooth-textured boards are a dream to clean. No more stubborn bits hiding in the crevices – a quick swipe, and you’re ready for round two in the kitchen. Plus, they’re gentler on your knives, ensuring your blades stay sharper for longer.

🚀 Affordability That’s Music to Your Wallet

We believe in bringing colour to every home, and that includes making it affordable. We’ve crunched the numbers, sprinkled a bit of magic, and voilà – our smooth-textured glass chopping boards are now more budget-friendly than ever! It’s a feast for your eyes and your wallet.

🏎️ Faster Delivery, Because Who Likes to Wait?

Impatience in the kitchen is only acceptable when waiting for the oven timer to ding. That’s why we’ve supercharged our delivery process. Faster than you can say “Yililo,” your colourful chopping board will be on its way to join your culinary adventures.


🎉 Join the Smooth Revolution – Your Kitchen Deserves It! Ready to jazz up your kitchen game? Dive into the world of Yililo’s smooth-textured glass chopping boards. It’s not just about cutting; it’s about crafting a symphony of colours in your culinary masterpiece. Affordable, fast, and smoother than ever – because your kitchen deserves nothing but the best. Hit that order button and let the colours flow!

🌟 Happy chopping,

Love Bri 

Founder, Yililo

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