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    Answers to some of the most asked wall art questions

    Elevate your living room's aesthetic appeal by adorning your walls with our stunning collection of wall art. From vibrant animal-themed pieces to colourful abstract art, choose artworks that resonate with your style and the room's ambiance.

    Ensure the artwork complements your existing décor and consider the size and layout of your living room to make a visual impact.

    Our colorful wall art is a perfect solution to add that much-needed pop of color to your living room. Select pieces from our collection that feature bold, lively hues and dynamic designs.

    You can opt for large, eye-catching artworks or a gallery of smaller pieces to infuse your space with an exciting burst of colour.

    Decorating your living room with art is a creative and personal process. First, choose a focal point for your art, such as above your sofa or fireplace.

    Then, consider your preferred style, whether it's colourful animal wall art or abstract pieces.

    Ensure a harmonious balance of colours and sizes and mix and match to create a dynamic gallery wall that reflects your personality.

    Mixing and matching art in your living room requires a keen eye for balance and harmony. Start with a unifying theme or colour palette, and then combine different styles and sizes of art.

    Consider using a large statement piece as the centrepiece and surrounding it with smaller artworks. Our collection offers a variety of colorful art that's perfect for creating an eclectic mix.

    Art that looks good in a living room is subjective and depends on your personal style and preferences.

    Our colourful wall art, featuring animal themes, vibrant abstract designs, colourful floral wall art or even colourful pet inspired art can add character and personality to your living space.

    The key is to select art that resonates with you and complements your décor.

    Not necessarily. While every wall doesn't need artwork, adding wall art strategically can enhance your living room's appeal.

    It's important to strike a balance between art and empty space. Consider the room's layout, the size of the walls, and the overall aesthetics to decide which walls would benefit from the addition of art.

    Sometimes, a well-placed, striking piece of art can have a more significant impact than covering every wall.

    How your Art is made...

    All of our prints are made to order in the U.K on the best state of the art equipment with the highest quality inks. Your prints are then packed carefully before being sent out via Royal Mail within days.

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    Our made to order prints have been carefully selected for the colourful interesting designs that we hope you will love as much as we do!

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    Our prints are avaliable in sizes from A0 to A5 meaning you can easily find affordable frames for a few poiunds on the high street.


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    Art, in our view, should be accessible to all. Our extensive collection features hundreds of unique beautiful pieces of wall art pieces spanning a spectrum of designs, each a potential addition to your personal canvas.

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    With Yililo, your style is our muse. We're confident that you'll discover wall art that resonates with your unique taste. Our catalogue spans the spectrum, featuring captivating photographic abstract prints, Nordic inspired cool boho pieces, whimsical weird and wonderful colourful art and contemporary abstract expressions and animal prints,

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