Yililo - working towards reducing our carbon footprint. 

Yililo is actively seeking to minimise and manage the environmental impact of its operations and offerings.

We are very proud to confirm that since January 2022 100% of our textiles are made in the U.K. These items are NOT mass produced and made in small or single runs. This ensures that our items are not over produced and do not end up In land-fill.

Our textiles are also supplied with a 10 year print guarantee with the focus on quality and are made to look good for years avoiding the need for replacements. 

We also have some other key focuses:- 

• To ensure our operational decisions are made with the environment in mind eg the terms of supplies and logistics. 

• To Improve our environmental efficiency (sustainability)

• To ensure our suppliers are aware of and making active efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. 

• Where possible we will source suppliers within the U.K. for both our manufacturing and distribution meaning less transportation.  

• We will focus on reducing the amount of items we mass produce in efforts to avoid unwanted items ending up in land fill. 

• We will focus on maintaining accessible pricing while moving away from “fast home decor”. We want to bring quality pieces to the market that last for years. 

• To monitor and comply with all relevant environmental laws and relevant standards. Avoiding the use of materials known to have a negative impact on the environment, biodegradable material and marine friendly inks. We are also committed to continuing to keep looking for new ways to reduce our impact on the environment.

• To respond to the environmental questions or concerns of our customers and suppliers, remaining open and honest. 

• To be conscious of the amount of plastic we use and reduce its use in our packaging where possible by avoiding using excessive plastic packing materials. 

As we grow we will continue to add to this statement and welcome any suggestions for how it can be improved. 

Thanks for reading 


Yililo Team x