Where can I buy extra large pampas grass in the U.K? 
This is a question we are asked constantly as so many are surprised that Yililo sells some of the best Pampas grass in the U.K at some of the most affordable prices. 
So why Pampas Grass?
The explosion of Pampas Grass in the U.K has come as a surprise to some as it's been around for many years but usually went unnoticed.  
You would sometimes see the fluffy Pampas Grass in the front yard of peoples houses or in parks but did you know the cheeky meaning of pampas grass?
You may be surprised to know that in the 1970's the pampas grass in the front of the house was a sign that the occupants liked to partake in a bit of partner swapping.
Nowadays, this gorgeous grass is a sign of being right up to date with décor trends and a vase full of the fluffy stuff is a staple in lots of homes.
Why has Pampas Grass become so popular?
Celebrities such as The Kardashian/Jenner tribe have been pictured with overflowing vases full of Pampas grass and since then requests have shot up. 
Kim Kardashian House Showing Pampas Grass Decor
What Dried Pampas Grass does Yililo stock?
Yililo loves Pampas grass and now stock loads of different lengths and colours but which is right for you?
To use Pampas Grass as décor its picked at various lengths and then dried and dyed various colours. 
At Yililo we sell the Pampas grass in the natural light and darker version at about 60cms in total length and find it looks great with a vase that has a small opening.
Light Beige Dried Pampas Grass Decor Yililo

Shop for Light and Dark Pampas Grass in medium length 
Can I get Dried Pampas Grass in Long and Extra Long/ Large Lengths?
We have also seen a surge in the request for longer length pampas grass and we are now stocking pampas grass in extra large lengths of up to 120cms!
This looks great in an oversize floor standing vase and looks amazing as a statement décor piece perhaps next to a floor standing mirror.
Our dried pampas grass ships from the U.K at a great price for 120cms length and comes in some beautiful colours including pink pampas grass, grey pampas grass, pure white pampas grass and beige pampas
Pink large extra long Dried Pampas Grass Yililo
White dried Pampas Grass Decor Yililo

How do you fluff dried Pampas Grass?
We call them eternal as they are so easy to look after once prepared. No water needed! 
Once you receive your Pampas Grass Decor open your package outside and give them a gentle shake. Some shedding is normal. Cut them to your desired length or just arrange them in your chosen vase. After a few days the pampas will fluff. For extra fluffing use a hairdryer on a low heat and blow setting over the pampas grass, be careful as this can cause extra shedding if used to high. Some people also suggest using hairspray to set the fluffy dried pampas grass (test on a small area first). 
So, how do you care for your Pampas Grass? 
Keep away from direct sunlight and moisture and shake gently every few months to clear away dust and the dried extra large pampas grass could last for up to 3 years. 
Shop our Dried Pampas Grass range here and have your home looking fab within days! 

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