Unlocking Imagination: How to Raise Small Readers in a Colourful Home With @raisingsmallreaders

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Welcome to a world of imagination, where stories come alive through the pages of a book. 

Today we want to introduce you to Rowe from one of our fav Instagram pages @raisingsmallreaders.

Rowe and family believe in books and colour, in no particular order and we love that! We have been blessed enough to work with Rowe who has created some beautiful content for our account and we hope to work with them again! 

When it comes to nurturing a love for reading, we know that the environment plays a vital role. Imagine a home filled with vibrant hues, fun illustrations, and shelves overflowing with captivating stories. This is the backdrop that sparks curiosity, fosters creativity, and ignites a lifelong passion for books. 

Through carefully curated spaces and engaging design choices, Rowe has created a haven that not only captures the attention of little readers but also stimulates their imagination.  

Join us as we explore the power of a colourful home in fostering literacy and we show you some of Rowe's top Yililo picks. 

Yililo x Raisingsmallreaders

The Importance of Reading for Children

One of our first items we sent Rowe @raisingsmallreaders was our large pastel stripe floor cushion. Creating a cosy space for the children to relax and read was really important and this was an obvious choice. It looks as if their beloved Dog loved it just as much!   

Did you know? Reading is a gateway to a world of knowledge, creativity, and imagination. It not only helps children develop their language and literacy skills but also enhances their cognitive abilities. 

Numerous studies have shown that children who are exposed to books from an early age have a higher chance of academic success and a lifelong love for reading.

Want to start adding colour to your home? Adding soft furnishings like colourful sofa  cushions is the perfect low cost way.


We love the way Rowe and their family have incorporated colour into every aspect of their home. 

A pink striped hallway, leads into an oversize living space with doughnut shaped scatter cushions that look good enough to eat. 

Even rooms that are typically reserved for more neutral colours such as the kitchen and bathroom have been filled with beautiful colours.

In Rowe's bathroom they have an amazing strawberry wallpaper that is paired perfectly with our strawberry wall art pieces hung in a selection of gorgeous colourful frames. 

The kitchen is a mug lovers dream, their mug wall puts the most interesting and colourful mugs on display and is also home to our strawberry rustic mug and our pink check daisy smiley chopping board

Rowe's top picks for their Home

Incorporating Colour into Your Home

The use of colour in your home in any room can have a profound impact on your child's life. Vibrant and bold colours can stimulate their senses and capture their attention. 

Rowe has used interesting colourful wall paper, bold colourful paints and paired it with fun accessories. 

We weren't surprised when Rowe @raisingsmallreaders chose our Rock and Roll tape cassette cushion promptly sending us a video of it being used as part of a performance game by their child. 

But the fun doesn't have to stop there, we have a fun selection of novelty cushions from the LOVE songs cushion to the ever popular Tiger head cushion, all designed to become a focal point for your home. 

Making Reading Accessible

When thinking about reading and children its important to think about how easily they can access their books. Rowe ensures they have provided lots of child friendly storage from cubby boxes to shelves. 

Just as important is where they read, bed? sofa? dining table? All can give a slightly different feel when reading but Rowe likes to ensure that all spaces are colourful and fun to ensure the children want to stay engaged. 

Rowe was an early adopter to our glass chopping boards and grabbed our round check print one (discontinued in round but still available in square) and our ultra fun pink 90s vibe placemats. They get plenty of use during playtime and dinner, are often used when painting and drawing and they continue to look fab! 


Engaging Children in Book Discussions and Activities

For most of us one of the first places we think about when reading a book is being in bed. @raisingsmallreaders has made all of her rooms in her home just as fun and colourful as the rest. 

The Yililo light blue scallop blanket was the perfect finishing touch for the room and perfectly complimented the scallop shelf. 

A cosy colourful bedroom can encourage night time reading and help children explore their thoughts and feelings about their day in the safety of their space.  Help them work through these by choosing books that explore feelings or those that talk about life lessons. 

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Feeling inspired and want to see more?

We hope reading this blog post will inspire you to add colour to your home and to get reading with your little ones! 

Rowe @raisingsmallreaders has done a brilliant job of including colour into their home and hopefully shows that its possible to do that, keep the fun and make your home a happy one. 

For more tips and insights into how to introduce colour into your home and how to fill your children with the excitement of reading pop over to Instagram and give @raisingsmallreaders a follow. They share fantastic book finds, brilliant learning aids and of course, fantastic colourful home decor finds. 

Don't forget to leave a comment below and let us know how you make reading fun or If you plan to add any colourful home decor to your home we would love to know how! 

Thanks for reading 

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