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If you are here you may need some help or advice with applying a discount code - we know how frustrating it can be when codes don’t work or you can’t find where to enter the information so we have produced this handy quick guide.

Read on for some tips or scroll to the bottom of the page for a visual guide.

If you are still unsure of anything or still need some help after reading this please pop over to live chat or email us for a fast response.

Okay, Let's get started:

1. Firstly, Add items to your cart: Browse our store and select the products you'd like to purchase. Click on the “Add to Basket”  or “Buy Now” button for each item you want to buy. Your selected items will be added to your basket.
2. View your basket: Once you've added all the items you want, click on the shopping bag icon , usually located in the top right corner of the website.(See visual aid section 1) This will take you to your basket page so you can view all of your items. 
3. In your basket you will be able to see the items in your basket, change the quantities or delete items you no longer require. You will also see a subtotal and a place to leave any order notes for us - eg personalised items requiring names.  (See visual aid - section 2)
4. Proceed to checkout: On the cart / basket page, review the items in your basket to make sure they are correct. If you're satisfied, click on the "Checkout" button to proceed to the checkout page. ( See visual aid - section 3)
5. Where to enter your discount code: On the checkout page, at the top you will see a section that says Order summary and Discount code entry - this is an expandable section that when clicked will show your items and give you the option to add or remove any discount codes already applied. (See visual aid - section 4)   

* Important note - If you have added items that have qualified for a bundle, a discount code could show here already. During promotions and sales you may want to remove automatic discounts and add site wide codes. If you decide you want to reapply an automatic code simply remove all codes and refresh the page, your automatic bundle code should then reapply. ( See visual aid - section 5)

6. Enter your discount code: This is where you can enter your discount code. Carefully type in or paste the code you received into the provided box. ( See visual aid - section 6)

7. Apply the discount: After entering the discount code, click on the arrow or the “Apply” button next to the code input box. The page will refresh, and you should see the discount applied to your order total. (See visual aid - section 6)

8. Verify the discount: Take a moment to review your order summary. You should see the discounted price reflected in the order total. If the discount didn't apply, double-check that the code was entered correctly and that it is still valid. Some discount codes have expiration dates or specific usage restrictions. ( See discount code restrictions section below)

9. Complete your order: Once you're satisfied with the discounted price, proceed with the remaining steps to complete your order. This usually involves proceeding with express checkout methods eg PayPal, Apple Pay, shop pay and more or proceeding to standard checkout where you will enter your postal address, select a postage method (where available) and providing payment information.

That's it! You've successfully applied your discount code and saved on your purchase.

What if your discount code failed to apply? Read here -

  1. Expiration dates: Some discount codes have specific expiration dates. This means they are only valid for use until a certain date. Be sure to check the expiration date mentioned with the discount code to make sure it is still active.

  2. Usage limits: Occasionally, discount codes may have a limit on the number of times they can be used. This helps us manage the availability of discounts. If a discount code has a usage limit, it will be mentioned in the terms and conditions associated with the code.

  3. Minimum purchase requirements: In some cases, a discount code may require a minimum purchase amount to be eligible for the discount. This means you need to reach a certain total amount before the discount can be applied. The minimum purchase requirement, if applicable, will be specified with the discount code details.

  4. Specific product or collection restrictions: Certain discount codes may be limited to specific products or collections. This means the discount will only apply to the designated items and not the entire store. If any restrictions apply, they will be mentioned alongside the discount code information.

  5. One-time use: Some discount codes are designed for single-use only. Once the code has been used, it becomes invalid for any further transactions. Make sure to take advantage of the discount in a single purchase if it is a one-time use code.

  6. Non-combinable with other offers: Occasionally, discount codes cannot be combined with other ongoing promotions or discounts. If this is the case, it will be specified with the terms and conditions of the discount code. You may need to choose between using the discount code or taking advantage of another offer. This will apply to bundle discounts which cannot for example be combined with site wide discounts. 

  7. Case sensitivity: It's important to note that discount codes are often case sensitive. This means you need to enter the code exactly as it is provided, including any uppercase or lowercase letters. Double-check your entry to ensure accuracy.

Remember to always read the terms and conditions associated with each discount code to fully understand its specific restrictions and rules. If you have any questions or need further clarification, our customer support team will be happy to assist you.

We hope this helps you understand the restrictions and rules related to discount codes on our Shopify store. Enjoy your shopping experience and make the most of the available discounts!

If you have any further questions or encounter any issues, don't hesitate to reach out to our customer support team. We're here to assist you every step of the way.

Happy shopping and enjoy your savings!