5 Ways To Make Your Living Room Look More Stylish With Floor Cushions

5 Ways To Make Your Living Room Look More Stylish With Floor Cushions

Floor cushions are one of the best things to happen to relaxation.
Do you love the cozy, comfortable feel of furniture that's soft and cuddly? If so, you need a floor cushion in your home!
A floor cushion is a great way to add some extra seating to your space, and they're perfect for lounging around on.
Plus, they come in a variety of fun and trendy designs, so you can find one that perfectly matches your style.

So why not add an oversized floor cushion to your shopping list and enjoy its comfort and style today! Plus, they're much comfier than sitting on the floor!
Here is our top 5 ways to make your living room look more stylish with floor cushions. 


Choose a fabric that will last.

Fabric floor cushions come in a variety of materials, colours, and sizes. You'll need to consider the size of your space when choosing one but don't forget the material. If you plan to use them often, opt for a durable material like polyester or nylon.

Our floor cushions are made from a gorgeous faux suede material that is matte short pile and has the soft signature suede feeling.  The floor cushions have the added benefit of being waterproof making them suitable for outdoor use. The heavy weight fabric is strong and durable and doesn't bobble or fray. 

This means our floor cushions are versatile and built to last. 


Yililo Leopard Print Floor Cushion



Add Extra Versatile Seating 

Luxury homes are about giving people options. Options for flexible versatile seating is a great way to elevate your space on a budget. A footstool here, an ottoman there, chaise lounge? Why not... Floor cushions can be used for versatile extra seating or a spot for you to relax and read a book away from it all.
They are great for gatherings large or small - just pull them out when you have guests over and pop them away or into the corner when not in use.
They're also great for kids' sleepovers and movie nights or a place to sit for the kids when watching TV or reading.

Our big cushions are super versatile and uniquely colourful, we have them in multiple colours and patterns from our yellow leopard print large floor cushion to our neutral cream leopard print and our rainbow stars brightly coloured one that is perfect for the children to relax on during wind down time. Our personal favourite is the leopard print floor cushion. It's big, it's bold, and it just screams fun. 

Need back support? Place the big floor cushion against a sofa or armchair and all of a sudden you have a floor cushion with some back support. Although our large oversized floor cushions are big enough for an adult to lie in and get comfy.

 Flexible seating for a luxury home with floor cushions and footstools from Yililo

Pick a colour that matches your existing decor.

At yililo we extend our patterns and colourways over various products,  think throw pillows, blankets, rugs and of course floor cushions.

We make it easy to match items with co-ordinating colours and you can pair neutrals, brights, pastels and prints from scallops to leopard print to make your scheme feel cohesive. Its an easy way to bring a scheme together and pieces can be added to over time as our collections are basics that we make all year.    Floor cushions are an easy way to add colour and pattern to a room without having to spend a lot of money.



Flexible Use - Co-ordinate Indoors with Outdoors. 

Move our brightly coloured floor seat cushion outside on warmer days, place on top of your outdoor rug for a lovely place to relax in the garden.

The soft comfy material will not get too hot in the sun and using under a tree or on a patio this pillow will be great for allowing you to lounge instead of sitting on the floor.

Our floor cushions are also waterproof, wipe clean and the covers a can be popped off and into the wash when needed to keep them looking as good and clean as new.

The garden is one place that should not be cream, grey or black. You can use this space to add clashing colours, tropical prints and bright colours from pink or yellow.  Our Pink Leopard Print Floor cushion would look fantastic in your garden.

Our floor cushions are also waterproof, wipe clean and the covers be popped off and into the wash when needed to keep them looking as good and clean as new. 

 Yililo garden floor cushions



Home design and decor is about feeling comfortable and being true to you and your style. This means its ok to follow every single rule above or to follow none.

You can mix patterns and colours, add prints that clash or go neutral if that's what you love.

Having a luxury home is about creating a space that you and your loved ones can feel comfortable and at home in.

That might mean allowing a rainbow floor cushion in your living room even though it doesn't match, or adding a red and white leopard print footstool to your all white neutral home. 

Colourful and unique Floor cushions are just the start of your journey into making your home feel more luxury, but lets make the floor cushions colourful and let's tale it from there 




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