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How to Decorate Your Home with Colour and Animal Print

Imagine coming home and feeling comfort and happiness.
You walk into your living room and see a Leopard Print Cushion on the sofa, a Leopard Print Rug by the door, Leopard Print Throw over the arm of the chair with some colourful cushions beside it.
It's all so different from what you're used to that you feel like this is where you belong.
Welcome to your Leopard Print Home!
Leopard Print is having a moment right now and Leopard print can be added to almost anything. It doesn't have to all match but it has to make you feel happy inside!
Colour is a very personal decision, and we've been led to believe that it's only for kids and the rooms they occupy.
But we think this is wrong, if you love colour we say go for it!
You can go for colour by just painting an accent wall or adding some quirky wallpaper or you can add accessories such as quirky throws and cushions.
Brown Leopard Print Cushion
As your confidence grows you can play with animal prints and add colourful rugs, figurines and candles, pairing them with unique vases and bold colourful wall art to create vivacious combinations.
Do you know, however, that leopard print décor does not have to be restricted to the traditional orange and black?
We've turned the print on its head by using the most gorgeous hues imaginable.
Like our incredibly popular Yellow Leopard print rug runner,
Yellow Leopard Print Rug
Our smash hit Lilac and Blue Leopard Print,
Lilac Leopard Print
or our cream, black and white neutral but powerful design.
Cream Leopard Print Cushion

Yililo offers you the opportunity to bring colour and into your home by purchasing our one-of-a-kind textiles. All of our designs are exclusive to us, you won't find our designs and colourways anywhere else in the world.

Our textiles are created in-house by our design and then printed in small batches in the United Kingdom by one of the country's top print producers.

Your journey is about learning to express yourself in your home with colour by picking the design and pattern of your choice and tastes.

Our journey is about adding colour and print to your home with items you can’t find anywhere else.

We hope the blog post has given you some inspiration for how to infuse a little more pattern and colour into your space. If it sounds like something that would interest you and your ready to bring some excitement in to your home, shop now at Yililo!

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