How to Make Colour Pop in Your Home - Colourful Home Decor

How to Make Colour Pop in Your Home - Colourful Home Decor

How to Use Colourful Cushions to Brighten a Room

White walls open a room up. Natural light can bounce freely through a room with white walls. They can also lend a clean and timeless feel to every room. The trade-off is that white walls can seem tedious. If we don’t leverage colours correctly in our decorating, the white can feel like it’s drowning us. Colourful cushions, throw pillows, and floor cushions can pop out and call attention while seamlessly blending into the space’s décor. These colours help fill the room with life, making it more interesting.


How to Add a Pop of Colour

The easiest way to choose a cushion that will make colour jump to life in your home is by using the colours that already exist in the space. Spend a few minutes to look around the room, taking your time to look at your furniture and furnishings closely. What colours are in the rugs? Are there any subtle colours that jump out at you when you slow down enough to notice them?

These are the colours you can tie together with throw pillows or cushions.

For example, if there's a subtle shot of green in your rug, choosing a throw pillow with a bold green design 

Yililo Light Green Jungle Print Cushion

can help that green stand out. This measure will subtly make the colours in the room stand out and effortlessly coordinate the whole room.


How Many Colourful Cushions?

A rule of thumb that is good is to cover all your bases. By bases, we mean seats. So anywhere you might relax and melt into your chair can have a throw pillow on it. But, of course, if you have a lot of seating and don’t want to buy fifty pillows, rules were made to be broken.

By tossing a cushion onto every love seat, couch, or chair, you can have a variety of colours, shapes, and patterns.  

It gives a lot of fun and character to a space. They also serve a great practical purpose; lumbar support, a place to rest a baby or a book, something to lounge on. Don’t be afraid to experiment with decorating and using your space.


 Colourful Cushions: Rule Of Three

For those of us who struggle to pick accents that will blend well with a room while still standing out to make a statement, there are design rules to help guide us through our plans.
You can employ the rule of three to help you choose a grouping of pillows that will elevate your space. Although it is the rule of three, that doesn’t mean you can only have three pillows. As we mentioned before, play around with the number of pillows you have until you have a comfortable and usable space


Choose Three Colours

Using your trick to pull colours from the room, pick three that you feel work great together. Look at them side-by-side, and ask yourself if those three colours together feel nice to you. It’s your opinion that’s all that counts.

If you’re unsure, you can always use online colour scheme tools to find colours that go well together to double-check your work. Try to trust your judgement, though. You know what you like more than anyone else does.

You can play around with patterns by tying three colours together that work well with the colours present elsewhere in the room. This scheme will be your colour family. In addition, these three colours will help differing patterns work cohesively.


Choose Three Patterns

What patterns do you like? Choose three different designs, as long as their colour fits within your three-colour family 

you decided on before. Only one colour in each pattern has to have one of the predetermined colours, though, so this gives you some wiggle room to mix up the designs.

If you’re not sure where to start, pick a lead pattern. 

This one will usually be a significant pattern with all three of your colours. By choosing a lead pattern, you can rotate other designs around it to find groups of ways that work great together while still fitting within your colour family.


Choose Three Pattern Sizes

It may feel strange to consider the size of the patterns, but it matters. Three designs of similar size will compete, making it loud and busy. This works kind of like a conversation. If everyone talks over each other, it’s hectic and chaotic, giving you a headache. But if everyone waits their turn, it becomes a fun and relaxing experience.

Start with your lead pattern. This one should be the pattern with all three colours from your colour family and the largest design. The second pattern should be smaller than the first, a medium-sized one that’s still easily visible. Your third pattern is the most subtle. One option here is a solid colour in an interesting fabric; this gives the design a tranquil vibe that feels fun and is pleasant to the touch.


Choose to Break the Rules With Colourful Cushions

Yellow Funk You Cushion

Now that you’ve learned all these rules throw them out the window! When we say the Rule of Three, we mean the Guidelines of Three (Guidelines of Three don’t roll off the tongue either).

Trust your gut. Three colours aren’t enough? Pick a fourth! Do two large patterns make you giddy, and only one large design makes you sad? Go for two large patterns! These rules intend to lift you and give you a foundation to start. Don’t let them keep you from precisely the arrangement that makes you happy.


The Wonderful World of Fun Accent Pillows

These concepts apply to simple patterned pillows and the pillows that speak more to your personality. Don’t be afraid to work fun pillows into your pillow scheme.

Yililp Cassette Tape Cushions

You have permission to break the rules for a reason. If you already have three patterns picked out when you find the perfect accent pillow to make your guests go, "Wow, that's cool!" Throw it in there! If it fits your aesthetic and colour family, you should absolutely add it. The design should reflect who you are.

We have a selection of funky and fun accent pillows that will show your personality and perk you up every time you see them. Our favourite is our collection of mixtapes-- everyone’s made one in their lifetime (although now they’re called playlists), and they’re always guaranteed to remind you of your favourite song.


Floor Cushions
Alternative seating is enormous right now. Couches and chairs aren’t the only way to lounge around your house; if you have kids (or pets who think they’re your children), sitting on the floor can be easier and more fun from time to time.
Yililo Cow Print Floor cushion

Since these large floor cushions are big accent pieces, you probably won’t buy three of them, don’t be bothered too much about the rule of three for them. Instead, make sure to look at the colours already present in the room so you can pick a floor pillow that ties in nicely to the colour family.

Take a look at our floor pillows. You can get them in several colours and patterns, so you can pick one that suits your space perfectly. A fan favourite is our Yellow Leopard Print floor cushion- with a mix of colours found in many colour families and vibrant, rich colours, it’s a great way to hang out on the floor.


Make Your Room Pop

Whether it’s with a bold print that shows your personality, or a classic pattern in a fun colour, throw pillows are an excellent way to elevate a space. They add fun and vibrancy to every room. Visit our selection of pillows for ideas, inspiration and the perfect accent pillow. 

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